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Bachata is a vibrant and soulful dance style and music genre that originated in the Dominican Republic during the early part of the 20th century.

It originated from the marginalized urban areas and was initially dismissed by the mainstream, but over time, it evolved and gained recognition and popularity both nationally and internationally.

Bachata Dominicana:

This is the original form of Bachata, reflecting its roots in the Dominican Republic. It is characterised by its fast footwork, intricate rhythms, and playful movements. The music for Bachata Dominicana is traditionally guitar-based, with clear African influences in its percussion elements.

Bachata Moderna:

Bachata Moderna is a style that emerged as musicians began incorporating elements from other music genres. This style utilises more turns and has a different guitar sound, typically integrating electric guitars, synthesisers and sometimes English lyrics, making it more palatable to international audiences.

Bachata Sensual:

Originating in Spain, Bachata Sensual is a newer style that emphasises body isolations, dips, and waves, bringing a more romantic and sensual interpretation to Bachata dance.

The music is often slower, allowing dancers to incorporate these expressive movements, and it tends to be danced to Bachata song remixes.

Each of these styles offers a unique experience and interpretation of Bachata, allowing dancers to explore and connect with the music in different ways, while all contributing to the rich tapestry of Bachata as a whole.

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